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Homework Policy

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Homework Policy Carramore NS

Homework provides a link between the teacher and parent and helps your child progress. The main reasons for giving homework are:

To assist your child in becoming an independent learner.
To reinforce what your child has learned at school.
To assist your child in developing vital concentration skills and a healthy work ethic.

How can you help your child with homework?

Agree a set time for homework. The key is to establish a routine and stick to it.
Be consistent and check that homework is completed to the best of your child's ability.
Try to avoid confrontation over homework. If you display undue anxiety about homework, it creates tension.
Homework should be done in a quiet room without the distraction of television or radio.
Keep all books, copies and school equipment in presentable order.
If your child is having difficulty with a task, reassure them that it is acceptable to have difficulty and encourage them to discuss it with the teacher the next morning.

How long should homework take?

The following are suggested timeframes for homework (excluding reading) appropriate to the various classes:
Junior/Senior Infants: 10 mins
1st/2nd Class: 20 mins
3rd/4th Class: 20 - 30 mins
5th/6th Class: 30 - 50 mins

If you find that your child is consistently exceeding these suggested timeframes, please contact the class teacher.
We cannot over-emphasise the importance of reading with your child. We have a well stocked library which is open to the children at all times.

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